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nothing special

it's not great, i mean the character animations are okay (although they look like you just traced some sprites) but the rest of it was piss poor. the story was boring, the animation (apart from the characters) was amateurish and badly done, not to mention the terrible grammar on the unreadable subtitles. good luck with the final version, but don't expect a good score.

rowan-studios responds:

If you think its traced its not if u dont believe me tell me what character i need to draw and i do it for you i dont care wich one but this was just a beta in my opinion i thought it would be blammed in a day but this animation is already on newground for 4 weeks or somethin i only want u guys to see the animation work the rest u can leave out .


when i first saw this listed on the portal, i was expecting some sort of stick man throwing loogies at people, but WOW was i wrong. i am seriously impressed with this, the graphics were perfect, voices spot on and it was kinda funny. my hat goes off to you my good man.

bad bad bad

well stickmen+MS paint made BG's is usually a bad mix, but you managed to make it worse with the addition of terrible music. good work chump.

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if you are going to do a tutorial (which i think is a terrible, cheap way for people to get good scores) at least do it properly. i was hopeful when i saw the preloader, but it was obvious from the rest of the DISGUSTINGLY TERRIBLE graphics that you didn't make it yourself. the tutorials themselves were bad too, they didn't explain how things work, it was just "copy and paste this and it will do stuff" and lets not forget the music, oh dear god that was annoying. overall i think it was a lazy way for you to get another submission under your belt, and i think you ahould be ashamed of yourself for being so cheap, and for being so bad at flash.

BuRnBoY responds:

dude, just cos your upset cos you were sacked from lavagarden.com, well, if my submissions are sent in just to get something under my belt, it says something about yours aswell.

not bad

it was a well scripted game, but i thought the visuals were shitty. if you drew the car and the background yourself that would be cool.

pretty cool

i liked that a lot, it was very different from the normall half assed sprite games and movies that you see nowadays. the plotline was a bit heavy and could do with some animation to keep it interesting, but apart from that it was top-notch. :)

stylusOsubstance responds:

thank you very much!

i am a man, i have no need for clothes.

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